The world is full of loss for students right now. And the challenges they face often don’t show on the outside until lasting damage has been done. Falling grades, family problems, at-risk behavior, addiction – mental health challenges that no generation has faced before.
Student Healthy Conversations is a powerful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resource specifically designed to give 6th to12th grade students the space they need in order to discover healthy ways to deal with loss and grief, and thrive despite the setbacks that everyday life so often throws their way.

Designed in partnership with mental health experts and professional speakers who care about students. This highly effective program equips facilitators to engage students in real conversations that help them move through difficult situations. Healthy Conversations is available to public and private school districts in the US.

Conversations that heal – virtually or in person

School districts can purchase a 1-year subscription to Healthy Conversations, which includes login access for up to 100 facilitators and unlimited use of the Resource’s ten segments. Each segment has been carefully designed to draw out strong emotions in a safe space, with comprehensive materials including a facilitator guide, a video message, an online lesson for students, and student take-home materials.
The Ten Healthy Conversations Segments are suitable for group discussions or one on one sessions. Topics include:

You are not alone




Depression related to grieving

Acceptance & adjustment

Assigning meaning


Setting healthy boundaries

Be a good friend and support

Clear, kind and never condescending, Healthy Conversations are perfectly pitched to the age groups who need these exchanges most. Your students will go forward with tools and strategies to help them deal with difficult situations, learn to reach out and communicate with adults and each other, and recognize the goals of good mental health.

School Assemblies
they’ll remember

Make your school’s Healthy Conversations Group Lessons even more impactful by presenting a Healthy Conversations Student Assembly to your student body. We’ll bring internationally recognized speakers to your school to share with students about dealing with loss and grief in a healthy way.
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Healthy Conversations Speakers

Our team is made up of men and women from across the United States who have been speaking in schools for 40 years. We have partnered with other speakers who speak to a combined over 1.5 million students every year. Our message is always one of Hope and Compassion.

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Your subscription to Healthy Conversations, includes Group Lessons, 10 Segments with a complete package of materials, Facilitator Guides, and more.

Healthy Conversations help your students face the world

The resource was created for 6-12 grade students, but the marketing audience would be school superintendents, counselors, teachers, principals, or parent teacher organizations.

Healthy Conversations
help your students
face the world

Developed by expert communicators and mental health professionals, this program equips facilitators to engage students in meaningful conversations to help them move forward through difficult situations.